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Running servers in the cloud frees up time for companies to focus on more important tasks. But running could servers brings its own challenges, not least of which is a lack of skills from existing IT staff who are used to managing onsite infrastructure.

There are several solutions to this problem. You could invest in training up your existing support staff. But you will still have the issue of a lack of experience. You could employ a cloud computing expert. But such individuals are in short supply and command high salaries. Or you could partner with a Microsoft Certified Cloud Solutions provider.

Partnering with ITtelligent is the most cost-effective solution for most small businesses. By partnering with ITtelligent it allows you to benefit from an experienced team of IT professionals with the skills and knowledge to support your cloud infrastructure without any upfront investment.

24/7 IT Support


Successful cloud deployments are dependent on having adequate security. This is often an area where existing IT staff lack knowledge and learning on the job could be costly. According to data from IBM, the average data breach costs Australian companies $2.13 million. At ITtelligent our team Azure professionals have the skills and knowledge to keep your data secure.

Australian Based IT Support


At ITtelligent our team of 20+ Azure Certified Professionals are available to support your Azure or third party cloud infrastructure 24-hours-a-day. So if you have a problem, help is just a phone call or instant message away.

Fixed Monthly Fee IT Support


With the growing community of organisations that are on the cloud, any questions about security or leakage of data should be far from your mind, billions of dollars are poured into securing your data and that of the growing cloud community!

20+ IT Engineers


The cloud is evolving fast with new products and services coming online all the time. At ITtelligent we invest heavily in training to ensure our team of 20+ cloud professionals are kept up to date with the latest cloud developments.

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