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Managed Cyber Security Services

Cybercrime is at plague proportions and getting worse, businesses are constantly facing attacks, with their reputations on the line.

Taking the right steps towards prevention is far better than cure & with far less cost and heartache. With ITtelligent on your side, it ensures that you have a qualified security team protecting your network 24x7.

Here are some of the reasons you should evaluate stepping up your IT security with us -

  • Reduce your capital expenditure
  • No more hassle associated with finding, hiring and retaining internal IT resources
  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • ITtelligent’s security solution reduce the most critical time to detect and respond to any threats targeting your employees and endpoints. Our security services combine advanced detection, forensics, and round the clock monitoring by our team to discover threats and attempted attacks, stopping them in their tracks
    Cyber Security Assessement


    ITtelligent will painstakingly analyse the current state of your security and identify any critical vulnerabilities.

    Ongoing Cyber Security Monitoring


    Cybersecurity isn't a “set and forget” scenario, it requires continuous effort. When you engage ITtelligent, you can sleep knowing we will perform 24/7 monitoring to keep your network protected.

    Vunerability Management


    Vulnerabilities lead to breaches. The process we undertake revolves around proactively managing vulnerabilities so that any issues can be identified and resolved as soon as they are identified.

    Intrusion Detection


    An integral part of our managed cyber security office is the use of a network intrusion system (IDS). The IDS alerts our inhouse cybersecurity team of any questionable activity as well as monitoring file integrity and alerting us if/when files are changed as well as when and by whom.

    Critical Response


    Taking fast action is essential, ITtelligent is a 24/7/365 business with staff on hand round the clock to look out for you, not just an answering machine. We are equipped to swiftly respond to incidents so they can be quickly neutralised and contained.

    Endpoint Protection


    With 14 years of experience, we have grown with the threats and equipped ourselves with the best tools available to us ensures we accurately detect and investigate questionable activities on hosts/endpoints. With logging and examination of data to search for anomalies, our Endpoint detection and response is integral to swiftly diagnosing threats and preventing them from escalating, ensuring a timely response to potential attacks..

    Network Maintenance and Upgrades


    Agility and adaptability are two words used to describe fundamentally secure organisations. This requires ongoing maintenance and well-planned upgrades to keep your network/system up-to-date and able to handle evolving threats.

    Partnering with ITtelligent allows you to use our strong network for procurement so that you buy the right products for the right price & we take care of the process from end to end.

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