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CNC machines, lathes, balancing machines, mills, sheet metal folders are your business and being in the business still, you must be darn good at it. ITtelligent will support your business, no matter what industry, we you have covered.

Proactive IT Support

We make your IT systems work

For professional IT support you can count on, choose ITtelligent Consulting Services. We're experienced in keeping manufacturing industry systems up and running and spotting problems before they affect you, whether it be CAD, ERP Software or your payroll systems. The same as well engineered products we focus on prevention rather than damage control and our commitment to improving and upgrading stops downtime and loss of income from halting your working day.

Australian Based IT Support

Manufacturing industry experience

The services we offer at ITtelligent are highly personalised and will meet your business needs as a manufacturer. We understand that even the smallest problems can have a huge knock-on effect for the entire supply chain, so it's imperative everything goes according to plan. As a core provider of goods, other companies trust and rely upon you to be highly organised and on time. We deliver IT support and take care of the work behind the scenes so that you can communicate effectively with your team and clients. As specialists in manufacturing you will be highly skilled, and heavily dependent on technology to carry out precision processes. We might not be able to build a car, but luckily computers are something we're experts in.

24x7x365 IT Support

Support that never sleeps

Completing a production run into the early hours of the morning, or meeting deadlines & working the weekend, we understand that it's common for warehouses and factories to operate at odd hours, we?ve got you covered. Even when it?s tools down on a Friday night, you can trust that our team will still be attentive and responsive to any issues that arise, our 24/7/365 services cover you completely. You are in the business of engineering solutions to make things better and easier for your clients, so are we. We wouldn't want to offer a 9-5 service that isn't right for you. If or when you do need us, we?re proud of our super-fast response time, getting to the root of the problem as quickly as possible and implementing a solution with the guarantee that someone will answer the phone with professionalism and understanding.

No Lock In Contracts

Connect with Office 365

Good communication with your raw material suppliers all the way through to your end users and clients buying your finished products is essential. ITtelligent understand that the chain has to operate flawlessly so that everyone getting the end product is happy. As Gold partners of Microsoft, ITtelligent will help you transition to Office 365, giving you a portable system connecting you with the people you need wherever you are. Easily sync between devices and share calendars, but if there's ever a problem, you know where to find us.

20+ IT Engineers

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Our team promises to treat every phone call with the utmost professionalism, mobilising your business with minimum downtime. We understand that IT systems can cause huge frustration, but when you call, we'll always respond with compassion and work calmly to resolve your issue. A flawless design principle, KISS is the same reason we have SmartCare, budgeting and decision making are a breeze, with our one package coming at a fixed rate, so there'll be nothing that creeps up on you at the end of the month. We adapt to your needs and always offer the very best.

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