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Server Monitoring
How does our server monitoring work?

There are a plethora of monitoring systems available for IT Consultants. ITtelligent invested a good part of 18 months testing every available monitoring solution and soon realised in order to get the right information the 1st time it was imperative that we had a system we could customise.

Zabbix is our chosen monitoring system it is an open source software that allows us to change the configurations as we wish thereby giving us great flexibility.

We are continually improving the system and its ability to help us prevent problems before you the client notice.

Zabbix Monitoring
Key features
  • Discover problems as they happen
  • Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Real time remote administration
  • Secure - No data compromise

How does it work?

We install a small piece of software on each server, this piece of software gives us the ability to remote control your server(s). The ability for us to remote control is essential to accurately & proactively monitor your network.

A number of companies we service across various industries are benefiting from this service including travel companies, airlines, insurance brokers, leasing companies, education facilities, manufacturers as well as numerous other companies. Should you require testimonials please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange details of some of our clients.

When a problem is detected on your system it will do then trigger 2 conditions a) change the corresponding icon to Red (Problem) Yellow (Warning) Green (Ok) b) If a warning or error is detected it will also email all of our engineers indicating a problem has occurred and what the problem is.

Armed with the above information allow our engineers to expeditely fix the issues usually before you even noticed there was a problem.

As a service provider, ITtelligent is exemplary, providing fast and competent responses to issues that can arise ' Razor International

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