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The stronghold on overpriced calls is fast becoming a thing of the past. Australian businesses are fast learning that shifting their voice solutions to the cloud is the way to go… if you choose well.

On our quest to providing the highest levels of care ITtelligent Consulting Services have evaluated numerous phone systems, finding good, ordinary and great; we’ve found many VOIP services lack features that could have direct impact on business success.

A service we’re happy to endorse.

With 13 years of providing the highest levels of service possible to our business partners, it took a huge amount of consideration, fact finding and numerous hours of testing for us to consider recommending the right service.

ITtelligent Managed Voice is more than a standard VoIP phone system; it’s a cloud-based IP telephony solution. The biggest advantage of cloud voice solutions is that calls are processed outside of the customer’s premises improving business continuity. If there is a power outage in the office, calls will be processed as usual and will be delivered to your mobile phone or can easily be re-routed to another location.
Office 365

A phone system that travels with you

You aren't limited to a single office location. Connect your main office, regional branches and even home offices into a single centrally-managed phone system.

Managed VOIP Phone System

Future Proof

Our phone system you'll ever need. Built to be future-proof and scalable, you can easily add capacity for extra staff and new offices as your business grows.

Cloud Servers

Unlimited Calls

Our plans include unlimited calls, no need to worry about bill shock, know exactly what you are paying every month.

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